My Book Review of wayside school is falling down

The book wayside school is very funny and fun to read there is a teacher named mrs. jewls and she has a class with a lot of kids named Todd Jason and Bebe and Allison and D.J. but I can not remember the other names.Also there is 19nth story and miss Zarves teaches that class but there realy is not a 19nth story so there is no miss Zarves if this is confusing then you should read the book and you will understand so they have class and at recess there is a man named Loise and he just passes out the balls at recess and if there is a problem he has to solve it. Also at the last part of the story is so funny there is a bunch of storms and then a bunch of cows come and then all the teachers and kids have to get sent to other schools. O and I forgot to tell you about miss mush and she made mushroom surprise and then a boy named Joe he does not know how to count and he got the mushroom surprise and ¬†and he tried it and he tried it and then fell in love with every girl and kissed one. And then the last thing is that if you don’t understand what I wrote about you should read the book and also the first and second book.

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